Meaning Number 23

The meaning of the number 23 includes a quick perception and a desire to socialize.

The odd number 23 is between the twenty-two and the twenty-four. Twenty-three is a prime number. It is used in the stories of several film adaptations and is frequently represented in mythologies. The film 23 – nothing is as it seems from 1998 deals with the myths of this number. The Roman notation for the 23 is XXIII.

Angel Number 23

In angelic numerology, the angelic number 23 is a reminder that the Ascended Masters and the angels are at hand to strengthen and guide one’s faith. The number reminds one to maintain trust in oneself and divine guidance. When asking for help, support comes and everything is right as it is.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 23 corresponds to that of the number 5. (2+3=5)

Dream Interpretation Number 23

If the number 23 appears in a dream, different emotional currents are to be united. Attachment and the desire for freedom lead to internal and external disturbances. Conflicts and disagreements may arise between one’s own desires and the duties or demands of others.

Positive Aspects

The number twenty-three indicates a quick perception. The mental processes run at full speed, connections are recognized and can bring new impulses. Quick thinkers are under the influence of the number 23.

Negative Aspects

Routine and regularity are rejected. The flashes can change the world, but they can also be hurtful to others. The balance between partnership and ego-consciousness is difficult to find.