The aardvark points us to existing longings or drives. Loner behavior and decisions are also symbolized by the animal. Overview The aardvark is also called the African anteater. The mammal has similarities with the armadillo in its way of life. The nocturnal quadruped is native to Africa and lives mainly in semi-deserts, savannahs or grasslands. weiterlesen | read more:


The albatross is a messenger and brings news as well as news. In addition, he triggers processes of purification, so that energies can flow better. Overview The albatross lives in the southern oceans as well as in the Pacific Ocean. The bird is visually very similar to the seagull, but has a much larger appearance. weiterlesen | read more:


Amphibian has an ambivalent meaning on the energetic level. On the one hand they bring luck, but they are also described as companions of witches. Overview Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders or the axolotl. They are the first vertebrates that moved on land but reproduced in water. This process is still the same today. All weiterlesen | read more:


The ant is a hardworking and well-organized animal. The success of the community as well as the team spirit are symbolized by it. Those who know their place in the system will be lucky. Overview Ants belong to the insects and are represented on almost all continents in different species. The arthropods are characterized by weiterlesen | read more:


The anteater is leisurely, but has very good stamina. In addition, he symbolizes extraordinary views or behavior. Overview The anteater is a mammal native to Central and South America. The quadruped lives in the forest, savannahs or wetlands as well as swamps. The animal looks for the proximity to waters and is a loner. Its weiterlesen | read more:


On the energetic level, the antelope brings the graceful appearance and the graceful demeanor. The hoofed animal also represents the lack of courage and the lack of assertiveness. Overview Antelopes belong to the family of hornbearers. Gazelles, wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu and impalas are even-toed ungulates, which are a subspecies of antelope. The difference between the weiterlesen | read more:

Arctic Fox

The arctic fox, snow fox or ice fox is a master of camouflage in its natural environment. It protects its small family and defends its territory from intruders. Overview The Arctic fox lives in the northern polar region and is a nocturnal predator. It belongs to the dog family and is a true fox. It weiterlesen | read more:


Aries is a symbol of assertion and willpower. The active energies are promoted and thus the need for movement increases as well as the implementation of existing plans. Overview The ram is the male sheep and belongs to a subgroup of goats. However, unlike their conspecifics, the animals have a mane on the neck. The weiterlesen | read more:


Armadillo brings the protection, delimitation and security. With its armored exterior, the protector is there for all who want to work with him energetically. Overview Armadillos live in dry and open areas in the Americas. Savannas, steppes and deserts are among their preferred regions. The ground dwellers are mammals with armored horn scales on their weiterlesen | read more:


The axolotl brings self-healing and regeneration. Unimagined inner abilities come to light and miraculously change the current circumstances. Overview The aquatic or caudal amphibian is also known as the cross-toothed newt. The axolotl lives in a lake near Mexico City and is a permanent larva. The amphibian has the ability of regeneration of organs and weiterlesen | read more:


The badger promotes the intuitive approach on the energetic level. He wants us to sharpen our senses and not believe everything we are told. Overview The badger is native to our climate zone and prefers forests and hedgerows. Nevertheless, we only very rarely get the chance to see him as well. Its habitat is below weiterlesen | read more:


The basilisk has unique abilities that only come into play under extreme conditions. Therefore, it is a sign that undreamt-of powers lie dormant in each of us. Overview Basilisks are also called Jesus Christ lizards. The reason for this is found in their ability to run across water. Under certain conditions, such as escaping from weiterlesen | read more: