Archangel Anthriel

Archangel Anthriel stands for harmony, inner balance and serenity. He helps in turblenten life phases and promotes balance.

Anthriel is an archangel who with his energy promotes inner balance and brings harmony. He brings the warmth of the heart and mobilizes the forces of the heart. Inner balance and unconditional love are transported by this archangel.

All activities that lead to an arrival in the inner center are supported. It does not matter whether it is a meditation, listening to music or creating moments of silence. The focus is on finding a very individual balance. This contributes to an increase in one’s own joy of life.

With patience, a loving communication to other people and a sufficient serenity the everyday life is contested. The openness for other people and the environment increases. Anthriel helps to keep calm even in times of hectic and challenge and to make decisions with the power of the heart.

Anthriel gives the strength needed to maintain balance in all situations. With him, the constant centering succeeds and worries as well as hardships are overcome. The archangel makes it clear that we always attract what we ourselves radiate. Restlessness causes further restlessness and serenity attracts serenity. He reminds us of personal responsibility.

Themes of Archangel Anthriel

The themes of the Archangel include serenity, harmony, inner balance and balance. In periods of challenge, he brings an energy that contributes to a better balance.

Energy of Archangel Anthriel

The energy of the Archangel is delicate and balancing. It has a peaceful, gentle and harmonizing effect. Calm and shallow is its influence on the various energetic levels.

Symbols of Archangel Anthriel

Anthriel is not represented with any particular symbols.

Color Assignment

Archangel Anthriel is associated with pink hues and the color magenta.

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