Archangel Anael

The archangel Anael is assigned to the seven angels of creation. He is considered the “prince of the archangels”. His name originally comes from the Hebrew -אנאל. It means the “joy from God” or the “grace from God”.

Anael is often called the guardian angel of love. Through his energy the libido is activated. The archangel is closely connected to the planet Venus. This one brings everything beautiful into our lives. As a result, self-esteem increases. The connection to self-love is stabilized through his work. Life becomes more worth living and we become more loving towards ourselves and others.

Archangel Anael is also an angel that can be called when it comes to health processes. With his energy deadlocked structures can be loosened. In addition, outdated values experience a new evaluation and can thus bring about changes in behavior.

Themes of Archangel Anael

The themes of the Archangel include sexuality, passion and romantic love. In the case of entrenched relationships, as well as a boring routine in sexual matters, he is able to give new impetus. The inner and outer beauty are looked at anew by the person concerned. Self-worth is addressed by the celestial companion. Thus the everyday beauties can be perceived more consciously.

Energy of Archangel Anael

The energy of the Archangel is fiery and strong. Up to the foundation walls old patterns are shaken and broken. Existing memories, which are characterized by fear, anger, aggression and despair, are carried away by him. His energy is able to destroy the braking factors in everyday life and to see the little things in life again and to perceive them as something special.

Symbols of Archangel Anael

Anael is represented with different symbols:

  • a robe in white or pink
  • a flute
  • a trombone

Color Assignment

The archangel Anael is assigned the colors green for growth and gold for material success.

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