The hare, like the rabbit, is a very reproductive creature. Therefore, it is also associated with fertility and reproduction on the energetic level.

The hare is native to our region as a wild and domestic animal. The herbivore multiplies in a short time and provides food for humans and animals. In this way, it makes a valuable contribution to the cycle of life. Its fur is an important protection for other creatures on cold days. As soon as danger threatens, it warns others and can often escape in time with its hook-beating locomotion.

The animal does not stay in one place all its life. Unlike rabbits, hares living in the wild are solitary animals and move above the ground over large areas of land. The hare shows creativity, flexibility and likes to bask in a safe and beautiful place on nice days.

Power Animal Hare

The power animal Rabbit shows the fertility and devotion to the circle of life. The vitality and vitality are pronounced. Without restrictions, the animal puts itself in the service of an ecological balance. It pays attention to the maintenance of its own kind and serves other living beings as a provider of food. The energy of this power animal therefore wants to call upon us to become aware of our own power and to renew it as far as possible.

The paths are rarely straightforward and simple. The hare shows that nevertheless the goals can be reached and challenges or obstacles can be overcome by gallant flexible behavior. Those who love life and surrender to it open their hearts. Thus, injuries can heal and fears are overcome.

Positive Consideration

The fertile time has begun. If the hare appears, love, tenderness and devotion are in the foreground. Who loves unconditionally, will overcome disharmonies and live fulfillment. The balance between giving and taking should be consciously established, so that peace comes. The connection to one’s own family intensifies. Likewise, there is a mood of departure and the desire for travel or spatial changes.

Negative Consideration

The downside of the Rabbit includes anxiety, unnecessary bustle and uncontrolled behavior. Sexuality is not in balance. Addictive tendencies can be seen, which lead to restlessness and conflicts. On the emotional level, hypersensitivity, a victim attitude and a lack of self-confidence are also apparent. Other people can be taken in too much. At the same time, one’s own appearance is erratic and characterized by self-doubt.

Dream Interpretation Hare

The rabbit in the dream represents a fertile phase. This can show on the procreation of their own offspring to the implementation of creative projects. Professional and spatial changes are possible.

Unexpected ideas present themselves. It is to be examined, which of it also on a long-term basis success offers or only an opera gift for others represents.

Positive Aspects

One’s own intuitive power is increased. Sudden inspirations and sudden insights are to be expected. Spiritual work reveals unexpected paths that can be taken with ease.

Shooting a hare or eating a roast hare are to be interpreted as signs of approaching luck.
To hunt a hare testifies to profitable and favorable projects.

Negative Aspects

Life will be troubled for the dreamer in the near future. The self-confidence is weakened.

To see a stable hare or a caged hare indicates self-sacrifice. The victim role should be discarded in order to be able to connect with the positive and fruitful energy of the hare.