Meaning Number 19

The meaning of the number 19 includes independence and selflessness. Nineteen unites opposing currents of freedom and acceptance of responsibility.

The odd number 19 is between the seventeen and the twenty. Nineteen is a prime number. The number appears in some well-known songs or as a record name. Thus, the Rolling Stones and also Adele used the 19 in their musical career. The Roman notation for the 19 is XIX.

Angel Number19

In angel numerology, the angel number 19 is used as a number for the realization and living of one’s energy resources. The angels encourage to offer help to themselves and others. This strengthens self-confidence and inner forces. The goal should be to create a harmonious and peaceful coexistence.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 19 corresponds to that of the number 1 (1+9=10 => 1+0=1).

Numerology & Tarot

The number 19 corresponds to the card The Sun in the Tarot. The card symbolizes one’s vitality, zest for life and success. The sun brings the new beginning and growth. With the power of the sun we blossom and can start projects. The card brings the creativity and idealism.

Dream Interpretation Number 19

The number 19 in a dream stands for independence and selfless action. One’s own interests want to be realized. This can lead to disturbances in the togetherness, because the duties of everyday life want to be fulfilled as well. The self-realization leads in some moments to a bad conscience, because the needs of others are put behind. This conflict must be resolved.

Positive Aspects

As soon as one’s own interests are lived in harmony with those of one’s family or business partners, the 19 unfolds its full power.

Negative Aspects

The number can symbolize that a time has dawned when solving challenges becomes a real struggle for survival.