Meaning Number 25

The meaning of the number 25 is described as peaceful and freedom-loving. The twenty-five is a sign of calm and modesty.

The odd number 25 is between the twenty-four and the twenty-six. The twenty-five is a square number. The 25 is equivalent to a quarter of a century and therefore finds a strong meaning in the social sphere. While spouses celebrate their silver wedding anniversary after 25 years of marriage, the Catholic Church celebrates a jubilee every 25 years. The Roman notation for the 25 is XXV.

Angel Number 25

In angel numerology, the angel number brings 25 changes. The angels let know that the current development will transform to the positive. One’s dedication will be rewarded and the energy expended will be appreciated. Everything that was invested full of devotion will pay off.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 25 corresponds to that of the number 7. (2+5=7)

Dream Interpretation Number 25

If the number 25 appears in a dream, brings modesty and calm. The emotions return to balance. Own experiences are collected, because the twenty-five also brings the desire for a free development. Variety and the search for something new fill everyday life.

Positive Aspects

The number twenty-five is a symbol for a peace-loving togetherness. The 25 brings a healthy mix between partnership and experiencing adventures together.

Negative Aspects

Making decisions is not easy. Conflict prefers to remain unresolved, which leads to moody behavior. The 25 brings nervousness and unpredictability.