Meaning Number 7

The meaning of the number 7 is described very briefly with the word emotionality. The number symbolizes power, changes, the spirituality and travel.

The odd number 7 is located between the six and the eight. The natural number is a prime number and therefore divisible only by itself. The spelling of 7 in handwriting is usually represented with a horizontal bar. In many East Asian countries, seven is considered an unlucky number. In our history, the digit is used in fairy tales: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids, or The Seven Ravens. In addition, the week has seven days and thus there is a reference to the creation story of mankind. The Roman notation for the 7 is VII.

Angel Number 7

In angel numerology, the angel number 7 has a special power. Through the number, the angels let us know that the previous considerations are correct and the chosen path should be maintained. The inner compass is well adjusted, so that doubts disappear. All decisions should be made for the good of all and in the spirit of the Higher Self.

Numerology Number 7

The meaning of the number 7 includes the emotions. The state of mind is decisive for further decisions. This can lead to mood swings or defensive attitudes. Spontaneous reactions are often observed, as some thought processes are not thought through to the end. Nevertheless, the 7 is a powerful and strong number. Energetically it brings stability and promotes the relation to spirituality.

Numeroloy & Tarot

The number 7 in the Tarot corresponds to the card The Chariot. The card symbolizes one’s own progress in a matter or on the path of life. The time has come to find one’s own way. A spirit of optimism sets in as the process of becoming independent germinates. The card also expresses hesitation. It sometimes needs overcoming and a push to find the courage to get going.

Birthday on the 7th, 16th or 25st of a month

People who have a birthday on one of the above usually care little about financial matters. Material things are less important to them, as they prefer to pursue their ideas. They love art, poetry or painting and making music. They like philosophizing and charity. They like to initiate changes or travel the world, but they usually do not pursue their interests very consistently.

They harmonize well with people born under their own number, i.e. 7. These are people who saw the light of day on the 7th, 16th or 25st of the month.

Life Number 7

The life number is calculated from the checksum of the date of birth. As an example the 27.09.1996 can be taken: 2+7+0+9+1+9+6=43=7

Positive Aspects

People with life number 7 seem sympathetic and are considered balanced. They have a strong connection to spirituality and intense dreams. They are said to have visions and a strong imagination. The seven means well to others and therefore they live full of devotion to their loved ones. With their original ideas they can inspire others and realize unusual business ideas.

Negative Aspects

The life number seven stands for too much emotionality. Matters are taken too personally and criticism is processed unconstructively. Ideas come and go, but the perseverance for realization is low. The seven means love full of devotion and merge with the partner. This can be problematic for the environment. There is a tendency to give up on oneself even though one knows better.

Dream Interpretation Number 7

If the 7 appears in a dream, the dreamer can look forward to signs and signals from the spiritual world. He is guided and gets all the answers he is currently looking for. Changes occur and thus an improvement of the situation can be expected. One’s own further development is progressing in great strides and thus many things now finally seem possible.

Positive Aspects

The number seven stands for the rhythm of life. One cycle is over and a new one begins. Thus, new developments await the dreamer and doors will open to him. One’s own spiritual development advances significantly and thus the inner wisdom becomes greater. The gut feeling knows the right decisions and is therefore a good advisor.

Negative Aspects

The number seven brings deep emotional moments that are not always easy to handle. Thoughts can overturn or a mental labyrinth prevents finding the exit. This causes misunderstandings and dissatisfaction. Good for the one who, despite all the developments, keeps his confidence and does not lose trust.