Meaning Number 27

The meaning of the number 27 is described with people in leadership positions who have not aspired to a position of power themselves, but who fill it responsibly.

The odd number 27 is between the twenty-six and the twenty-eight. The twenty-seven is a cubic number (3³=27). A mala, the prayer chain of the Buddhists, consists of 27 beads. The Incas had 27 roads leading to El Dorado and in Kabbalah there are 27 letters. The Roman notation for the 27 is XXVII.

Angel Number 27

In angel numerology, the angel number 27 lets you know that the path you are taking is the right one. The Ascended Masters and the angels send different indications or signals to give confidence. In addition, they are a sign that the sent wishes, prayers or positive thoughts were heard.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 27 corresponds to that of the number 9. (2+7=9)

Dream Interpretation Number 27

If the number 27 appears in a dream, the dreamer gets the opportunity to take a leading role in the professional or private sphere. Without having had ambitions for this position themselves, the first conversations will be held shortly, which will include a request to take over the leadership.

Positive Aspects

The number twenty-seven puts the personal sense of responsibility at the center of all decisions. Own views are re-evaluated and the best for the overall situation is kept in view.

Negative Aspects

The 27 brings uncompromisingness and the danger of getting bogged down. Conflicts and arguments are possible as unplanned changes affect life. Good advice from others is often hastily rejected.