Meaning Number 42

To the meaning of the number 42 is down-to-earthness and harmony. In family and partnership matters it comes to pleasant as well as beautiful moments.

The even number 42 is located between the forty-one and the forty-three. There are a number of myths and supposed mysteries surrounding the number forty-two. It is supposed to be the answer to everything – the answer to life and the universe. The Roman spelling for the number 42 is XLII.

Angel Number 42

In the angel numerology the angel number 42 is a call for the better expression of one’s own feeling. The Ascended Masters and the angels give impulses and signs how the inner emotions can be better transported to the outside. This promotes mutual trust and relaxes the togetherness. The light beings help so that the trust in the right signals and words is built up as well as strengthened.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 42 corresponds to that of the number 6. (4+2=6)

Dream Interpretation Number 42

If the number 42 appears in a dream, everything seems possible and everything makes sense. Forty-two is a sign of achieving harmony and balance. Interpersonal bonds experience a time of harmony with each other. Joy is shared and beautiful moments are remembered for a long time to come. This does not require castles in the air, because joint activities in everyday life already bring the feeling of togetherness.

Positive Aspects

The number forty-two conveys the down-to-earthness and establishes the connection to reality. With another person, values are created and built. The joint work brings success and will bear fruit.

Negative Aspects

The number 42 can lead to pragmatic approaches that do not always bring fulfillment on the emotional level. The benefit of a matter takes precedence over the sense of something that just feels good at the moment.