Meaning Number 43

On the meaning of the number 43 is consistency, good communication and spiritual insight. Perseverance pays off and is rewarded.

The odd number 43 is between the forty-two and the forty-four. The Roman notation for the number 43 is XLIII.

Angel Number 43

In angel numerology, the angel number 43 lets you know that the Ascended Masters and the angels are very close. It only takes one thought of them and the energetic connection to them is established. The beings of light know about the desires, but also about the hardships and fears. They stand aside to do everything possible for them on the energetic level. Address your words directly to them – aloud or silently all to yourself.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 43 corresponds to that of the number 7. (4+3=7)

Dream Interpretation Number 43

The number 43 in a dream is an indication of a good and stable togetherness. Well-founded and factual discussions take place, possibly a new seminar or a course will broaden one’s horizon. All knowledge brings more security in one’s own actions and creates certainty that the decisions made were correct.

Positive Aspects

The number forty-three combines a fine spiritual energy with the practical approaches. This makes everything feel more stable and down to earth. Often spiritual insights have something incomprehensible. The 43 changes that and establishes a very real connection.

Negative Aspects

The number 43 can have something dry and dusty about it. It lacks the courage and confidence to just let yourself fall and drift. There always needs to be a meaningful goal or answer. Nothing can be done just like that.