Meaning Number 52

The meaning of the number 52 is described as having a passion for partnership and a sense of shared spiritual growth.

The even number 52 is between the fifty-one and the fifty-three. The Roman notation for the number 52 is LII.

Angel Number 52

In angelic numerology, the angelic number 52 brings truth and thus truthfulness. The Ascended Masters and the angels remind us that only the true self is capable of stable change. Exchange ideas with like-minded people who have already gained experience in the areas that are currently bothering you. Listen carefully and learn from their reports. They will help you and give you confidence.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 52 corresponds to that of the number 7. (5+2=7)

Dream Interpretation Number 52

The number 52 promotes partnership and togetherness. Experiences are gained with another person, which lead to new insights and stimulate one’s own spiritual growth. Life is felt with all the senses and cohesion is intensified as a result. It could be that an affair enters one’s own life and thereby stirs up a lot.

Positive Aspects

With the fifty-two, the dreamer will experience a time full of inspiring experiences. Developments will roll over and spontaneous actions will occur. Everything should serve to promote the joy of life and enjoyment.

Negative Aspects

The number 52 can trigger addictive behavior. The thrill releases hormones that want to be brought to life again and again. The measure of things is not always observed, so that set limits are exceeded under certain circumstances.