Meaning Number 60

The meaning of the number 60 is circumscribed with all family issues and matters. One’s time is heavily invested in the bonds of friends, partners or family members.

The even number 60 is located between the fifty-nine and the sixty-one. The Roman notation for the number 60 is LX.

Angel Number 60

In angel numerology, the angel number 60 is a symbol of financial security. The Ascended Masters and the angels help on the energetic level to promote material growth. Remain confident that you are always taken care of. Release hectic and restless thoughts. The light beings advise to think everything over again in peace before making important decisions and not to make spontaneous decisions.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 60 corresponds to that of the number 6. (6+0=6)

Dream Interpretation Number 60

The number 60 brings time for the family. Attention is focused on family issues of all kinds. Likewise, close friends and partnership concerns may become more prominent. Shared activities and experiences are on the agenda. This strengthens the sense of belonging and fosters an intimate atmosphere.

Positive Aspects

The number sixty makes it clear that responsibility does not have to be borne alone. Helping hands are always there and are gratefully accepted. The time of being alone or feeling alone is over. This liberates and conveys a sense of arrival.

Negative Aspects

The number 60 suggests that it is currently becoming difficult to pursue one’s own interests. Consideration for others means that individual development is made more difficult or, in some cases, it is impossible to go one’s own way.