Partnership Horoscope

A partnership horoscope gives information about the quality of a connection of two people. Their common chances and possibilities can be determined about it.

A partner horoscope looks at celestial bodies, planets, sensitive points and their connections with each other. Their position in the horoscope and the sign of the zodiac in which they are located provide information about individual preferences. In addition, the horoscopes of two people are examined for similarities and differences. This gives information about success tendencies of a partnership.

Basically, a partnership horoscope can be created for all forms of interpersonal ties. Friendships or even work relationships can be analyzed as well as love relationships.

The partner horoscope shows common strengths and weaknesses. Mutual support or common strengths become clear. The potential of a common bond can be determined.

Interpretation of the individual horoscope

At the beginning of a partnership comparison the individual horoscope is interpreted. In the birth horoscope it is read how a person loves and in which form he forms bonds. The personal partnership preferences are considered. This includes the tendency to prefer a younger or older partner. The indications of monogamous or polygamous love behavior are examined.

The planets Mars and Venus play an important role in a partnership comparison. They indicate how the desired partner should be and how the horoscope owner loves. Mars stands for the man and Venus for the woman. Consequently, the desired characteristics of a partner are described via Mars and those of the female partner via Venus.

It is examined whether there is a tendency to enter into several marriages or to commit oneself really only at an advanced age. Some constellations indicate that a firm commitment is not entered into or whether a partner is basically idealized. There are aspects of divorce as well as indications of an addiction to harmony.

Creation of a Synastry

In synastry, the horoscopes of both partners are superimposed. From it results, which influence one exerts on the other. It can be seen who is the more dominant partner or if there is a complete balance. The synastry shows in which areas one partner supports or weakens the other. The expectations of the other towards the other become recognizable.

This horoscope allows conclusions to be drawn about the individual type of bond. It can be determined whether it is a friendship, affair or love relationship. The loyalty of a partner or threatening deception become visible.

The synastry gives information about whether it is a soul partnership and whether both have the same ideas of a bond.

Creation of a Partnership Horoscope

On the basis of the birth data of two people a new horoscope is calculated. Purely arithmetically an average value of the birth times as well as the birth places is determined. From this a new horoscope is created, which is interpreted.

The goal of the bond becomes clear. Common views and the potential of a common path are shown. The common approach, the handling in times of crisis or chances for success become apparent. Joint developments, strengths and weaknesses become visible.