A weekday has an influence in astrology and are taken into account accordingly when interpreting a horoscope. Each day is assigned a different planet, so that its basic energies have an influence.

General Meaning

Through the days of the week, astrologers receive further indications of certain qualities and fundamental dynamics. These are taken into account in everyday life as well as in the interpretation of horoscopes or the timing of decisions made. Since each day is assigned a particular planet, the qualities of that celestial body have an effect on the daily vibrations. This leads to the fact that the frame of mind as well as the readiness to act take a different influence every day. They can inspire, but also slow down.

Especially interesting is the interpretation of the weekdays at the birth of a child or also at the foundation of a company. Tendencies for balancing or intensifying behaviors as well as views can be recognized.

At the same time the consideration of the current day qualities in the everyday life can help to make decisions or to postpone them. At will, the significance of a day is included in the search for a perfect time for the implementation of planned activities. This can be interpreted as a strengthening for an undertaking, although success or failure is not solely dependent on it.

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