Red Panda

A red panda symbolizes the peacefulness and skillfulness. The predator is a good climber and therefore can always rely on his skills. Energetically, he also brings the peaceful solution finding.

The red panda is not related to the giant panda. Both are predators, herbivores and solitary animals, but they do not share more similarities. It is also known as cat bear, fire fox or red bear. The quadruped lives in Nepal, Myanmar, India and parts of China. The mammal is considered a marten relative. Visually, the lesser pandas resemble raccoons.

The skillful and very acrobatic climbers sleep on branch forks or in shady tree hollows during the day and start feeding in the evening and at night. The vegetarians are peace-loving and flee as soon as danger threatens. If they have no possibility of escape, they show of necessity what defense artists they are. Their natural enemies include the leopard and the marten.

Power Animal Red Panda

The power animal red panda reminds us of our self-defense skills. The basically peaceful forest dweller only gets embarrassed to show his dangerous side in a distressed situation. Calmness and composure promote individual balance and self-confidence. Inner return, retreat and well thought-out action are conveyed by the power animal.

Positive Consideration

Those who concentrate entirely on their abilities will achieve peak performance. It does not need the help of others, nor is there a need for quick action. The power animal shows us that after a period of regeneration will come a phase of success.

Negative Consideration

Hasty decisions and the influence of others will lead to obstacles in this phase of life. Hectic, stress or sudden actions result in the threat of failure of current projects. Calmness and patience are important to get an overview.

Dream Interpretation Red Panda

If a red panda appears in a dream, it is important to find peaceful solutions. With the cat bear the dreamer gets the hint that skill and perseverance will be purposeful.

Positive Aspects

Relying on one’s own competencies while maintaining composure ensures success. The next steps will be thoughtful, creative and right.

Negative Aspects

Those who now want to rely on the support of others will experience disappointment. In the worst case, friends will even become enemies. The dreamer is warned with the Little Panda against the misjudgement of a situation. A securely believed backing will not be there.