The reindeer embodies power, vitality and a strong energy. Moreover, it is a guide to inner wisdom and contact with one’s soul. Perseverance and diligence are also associated with him.

The reindeer or caribou comes from the deer family. It is found in northern climes and lives in North America and northern Eurasia. The hoofed animal differs in size and stature from the moose. It is superior to the moose and therefore stronger and more imposing. Reindeer are herd animals. Up to 100,000 animals often live together and support each other in hunting. The size of the antlers determines the place in the existing hierarchy within a herd. Herbivores have few natural predators. Among them are wolves, bears or lynxes. The animal also performs various services for humans. It serves as a draught and pack animal, food donor as well as protection from the cold.

Power Animal Reindeer

The power animal reindeer brings the vitality and life energy. The strength of the community is promoted. The animal protect each other and know the positive sides of a structure existing in groups. It offers support and orientation. Everyone finds his place and experiences the fulfillment of important needs. The reindeer is a popular animal in shamanism, as it promotes access to the Otherworld.

Positive Consideration

Perseverance and diligence will be purposeful. Serenity returns. Who has found and taken his place in the community, experiences a pleasant as well as safe feeling. The wandering instinct of the herd animal brings the development forward. The spiritual support is present and will be fruitful through the exchange with others.

Negative Consideration

The power animal reindeer gives some the impression of homelessness. The wanderer roams the land, but does not settle down. This can be stressful and lead to restlessness. The external search for inner satisfaction can take a lot of time. In addition, one must subordinate oneself and submit to the common interest.

Dream Interpretation Reindeer

The physical strength of the reindeer makes unimagined goals attainable. With the help of fellow reindeer, performance grows and team spirit is fostered. Decisions are made in the interest of all.

Riding in a reindeer sleigh means being able to rely on friends and companions even when your own resources are depleted.

Positive Aspects

Friends, family and acquaintances can be relied upon. A particularly loyal friendship develops or proves itself. Reliability shows in the life of the dreamer. This builds trust and stability.

Negative Aspects

In dream interpretation, the reindeer is a reminder of the existing duties. Arriving at a given destination does not lead to rest and relaxation. There will always be new tasks and current issues that need to be dealt with next.