Scorpio is closely connected on the energetic level with the themes of truth, justice, life and death. It illustrates the importance to the look behind the scenes.

Scorpions belong to the family of arachnids. Their poisonous sting can have deadly consequences for the opponent. Scorpions are native to all continents where there are deserts or savannas. They are mainly found in the sand and on surfaces that are rocky. Their dwellings are in rock crevices, caves or trees. The crawlers are nocturnal and solitary. Their eyes have poor vision. They pick up movements of the environment through their cleft sensory organs. These enable the animal to localize vibrations of the movements of living creatures in the immediate vicinity.

Power Animal Scorpio

The power animal Scorpio brings the direct invitation to look more closely at the truth. Seemingly forgotten inner processes are to be looked at consciously. A look into the depths of the inner self is necessary to ultimately be able to achieve an improvement of the current situation. Scorpio stands for the themes of life and death. Primarily the energetic leaving behind of fateful events is meant. Transformation and change are necessary to be able to live happiness and satisfaction.

The power animal stands by when the battle of inner demons takes place. Only when it is understood for what reason certain developments have occurred, healing can take place.

Positive Consideration

Scorpio defends itself against enemies and adversaries. The time has come to make it clear that power and control is self-directed. Being at the mercy of others has ended. Therefore, vigilance should be exercised at all times. The poisonous sting of the scorpion is ready for use at any time and can be used within seconds. In the confrontation with the depth of one’s own self, growth and the feeling of immortality emerge. Renewal takes place.

Negative Consideration

As a loner, the Scorpio is on his own. He often reaps incomprehension for his decisions or is shunned. His quick readiness for aggression, cynicism, anger and rage frighten others. The power animal Scorpio warns against hasty decisions that cannot be reversed. Bitterness, jealousy, abuse of power, revenge and taking everything too personally are also among the dark sides of the animal. It is helpful to talk openly about your feelings and to seek support in processing what you have experienced. Otherwise, energies accumulate that can no longer be sufficiently self-regulated.

Dream Interpretation Scorpio

Scorpio in a dream brings the themes of sexuality and letting go. Old suffering will dissolve, clearing the way for new developments. The mystical forces will experience an increase. They should be dealt with wisely.

Being stung by a scorpion indicates an attack by another person. A friendship, love or other interpersonal bond will end.
To see another person being stung in a dream is an indication that the dreamer will deliberately hurt another person.

Positive Aspects

Those who have felt constrained, patronized or oppressed by others in the past will now find the strength to fight back. The poisonous sting of the scorpion gives the energy to be able to defend oneself.

Negative Aspects

The animal warns the dreamer about sarcasm, cynicism, acts of revenge or rage. They can be experienced by oneself or fellow human beings bring the dreamer into unpleasant situations. To avoid escalations a cool head is needed.