Salmon wants to indicate the state of the emotional world and give a positive turn to the current flow of life. On the energetic level, it embodies strength, stability and making wise decisions.

Salmon live in the sea and in rivers. Although it is no longer found in many places, the fish can still be found in natural conditions in Alaska or Canada. The animal lived and lives exclusively in the northern hemisphere. The jumpers take long journeys for spawning migration and therefore have an excellent condition. Whether wild caught or farmed, it is on the menu of many people as it is considered extremely healthy. Bears love the taste of sea creatures and therefore like to catch salmon at waterfalls with their paws.

Power Animal Salmon

The power animal salmon symbolizes the emotional power. The feelings should be given more attention and importance. An energetic cleansing brings an improvement in vitality and promotes spiritual strength. The indestructibility of the flow of life is expressed. Thus, the salmon brings wisdom and stability. As one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth, the salmon shows how rewarding change and adjustment can be. Obstacles and challenges are gallantly overcome.

Positive Consideration

The river is the guide of the power animal. Sun and moon light his way and encourage him to never give up. The heart energy is in the foreground. This is the carrier of a balanced life force, vitality and performance. Despite hurdles and predators, the salmon makes its way to its goal. On the energetic level it also brings the momentum for the realization of the goal as well as the implementation of the planned tasks.

Negative Consideration

The downsides of the Salmon include selfish actions, aloofness and arrogance. Pride in too great a degree brings ill-temper and dissatisfaction. One’s own strengths are sometimes overestimated, so that stress and excessive demands are possible. The power animal holds the danger of misjudging one’s own emotions and thus leaving sensitivity unconsidered for too long.

Dream Interretation Salmon

In dream interpretation, the salmon is a symbol of the potential of feelings. In them there is a power that makes it possible to move forward. If the fish appears in a dream, happiness and abundance are in store.

Positive Aspects

If a salmon is caught in a dream, a stroke of luck or a find is to be expected. An unexpected lucky streak is possible or a positive turn is imminent. Negative emotional states will experience a pleasant change.

Negative Aspects

A dead or spoiled salmon is a sign of a dispute or unwanted emotional turmoil. Disagreements may arise within the family or close people. Hurt feelings are the trigger for this.