Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is called the Angel of the North. His name comes from the Hebrew – אריאל. It translates as “Lion of God” or “Hero of God”.

The archangel Ariel brings healing and clarification to the living beings on earth. Especially animals and the environment can be consciously supported by his work. In moments of special challenges the heavenly companion stands helpfully by. In case of unexpected developments or in emergency situations he gives man the right hints as well as approaches to solutions. In times of trials or in overcoming very intense difficulties, he brings strength and shows ways out.

All projects or tasks, which are in connection with nature, are accompanied by the archangel Ariel. The energetic companion can be called when there are problems with waters, for example. Likewise, he is asked for assistance for the protection or healing of animals. He often works together with the Archangel Raphael on healing issues.

Themes of Archangel Ariel

Ariel is a guardian angel of the environment and nature. At the same time, he is considered the protector of innocence and purity. With this archangel it is possible for us to find the orientation in emergency situations and to make good decisions.

In addition, the angel is considered the patron saint of scouts.

Energy of Archangel Ariel

The energy of the archangel is powerful and gentle at the same time. It is perceived as clarifying and brings new impulses. This enables the emergence of visions.

Symbols of Archangel Ariel

There are different symbols associated with Ariel. Often he is represented with

  • an energetic cornucopia
  • an amulet
  • different natural tools

The closeness to the environment and nature should be expressed by this.

Color Assignment

The archangel is assigned the color pink or green. In some depictions, the color scheme is deliberately kept very pale and delicate.

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