Archangel Aquariel

Archangel Aquariel is an angel that intensifies the perception to the spiritual or divine world. It helps to realize one’s life plan.

Archangel Aquariel is called when clarity about one’s life plan is to be achieved. He is at our side when it comes to grasping and understanding the life tasks. Thanks to his energy it is possible to perceive the next step and the coming decisions. He gives the security for the future developments and lets recognize what is to be done.

The Archangel assists in all processes that allow access to the information of the spiritual world. He helps with channelings and intensifies the intuitive ability to act. The gates to the spiritual or divine world are opened through him and spiritual growth occurs.

One’s own competencies, skills and talents can be better perceived in the energetic work with this archangel. This allows ideas to emerge and possibilities to be created. With Aquariel it is possible for us to break new ground and leave old paths behind.

Aquariel provides humanity with a cosmic and universal understanding. He establishes the balance between the earth and the sea. The archangel communicates with dolphins and passes the received information to people. He brings the joy of life and ease of living. He also cleanses once the person has been exposed to negative energies and builds an immunization against them for future protection.

Themes of Archangel Aquariel

The archangel Aquariel lets recognize one’s own life plan and the associated life tasks as well as goals of the current incarnation. He allows access to an exchange with the spiritual world.

Energy of Archangel Aquariel

The energy of the Archangel clarifying, purifying and flowing. It acts gently but insistently, so that clarity can come.

Symbols of Archangel Aquariel

The archangel is often depicted in paintings with dolphins.

Color Assignment

The colors light blue, aquamarine to ocean blue are attributed to the Aquariel.

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