Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of prophecy. His name originally comes from the Hebrew – גַּבְרִיאֵל. It means something like: “The power of God”, “God is strong” or also “My power is God”.

Gabriel brings new hope to people. He offers his support in all processes that involve decision-making. With his clarity the feelings and thoughts are purified. Creativity as well as one’s intuition are enhanced with his energy. Archangel Gabriel is a great prophet. With his messages the announces joy and news. With his energetic work new courage comes in. Constricting ideas can be broken through and the view of the important things in life become clearer.

As an angel of proclamation, he also helps with young people’s issues. He is luminous and illuminating. With him the new beginning comes very close. His comfort has a supporting effect in unpleasant or difficult phases of life. His energy brings confidence and makes new goals seem attainable.

Themes of Archangel Gabriel

The themes for which this archangel stands are clarity, the joy of life and freedom. He brings hope to people, influences expectations and pays attention to desires. The archangel Gabriel is called in the purification of thoughts and feelings. All communication processes as well as devices are assigned to him. Thus, journalistic and writing activities are also in his care. He helps in decision-making processes and brings light to unclear situations.

Energy of Archangel Gabriel

Its energy is described as enlightening and giving hope. It is considered joyful and pleasant. Archangel Gabriel is the patron saint for all communication elements on earth. This includes messengers, but also all message as well as telecommunication services. In addition, all couriers and messengers are under his care.

Symbols of Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel has been depicted by many artists in the past centuries with quite different symbols. Among them are
  • the lily
  • the lantern
  • the mirror
The lily symbolizes the clear and genuine purity. It also stands for the immaculate conception. The lantern as well as the mirror indicate that the archangel is a great visionary. With his prophecies new knowledge is brought into the world. They should bring light into the darkness.

Color Assignment

Gabriel is assigned the color white.

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