Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is the angel of grace and serenity. His name originally comes from Hebrew – חניאל. It means “Glory of God”, “Grace of God” or “The Grace of God”.

Haniel brings the joy, beauty and harmony into life. He gives the necessary strength to straighten up, align and accept the true greatness. Thus, his energy stabilizes the person and builds inner strength. Haniel reminds people of their own courage, eliminates self-doubt and strengthens the backbone. Self-confidence can unfold and thus bring the necessary conviction in decisive situations. The archangel provides the person with the necessary serenity to cope with everyday challenges. His energy helps to keep calm in exciting phase of life and at the same time brings out his own charm. The charisma is particularly important in many interpersonal encounters to be able to achieve existing goals. Haniel teaches to know and live one’s own qualities and abilities free of arrogance and arrogance. With him, self-confidence is strengthened. The archangel makes it clear that false expectations should be corrected for one’s own good. This saves from illusions as well as disappointments and guides to a fulfilled life. In addition, this optimizes one’s own behavior as well as the demands on others.

Themes of Archangel Haniel

The themes that this archangel represents are grace, beauty, serenity and harmony. With him comes the knowledge, joy, strength, self-confidence and self-assurance.

Energy of Archangel Haniel

Its energy is described as powerful, uplifting, gentle and centering. It is soft and delicate.

Symbols of Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel has been depicted by artists with various symbols. Among them are:

  • the white doves
  • the harp

The white doves symbolize peace and harmony. They bring joyful messages.
The harp represents a happy life.

Color Assignment

The archangel Haniel is assigned the color light blue.

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