Archangel Omniel

Archangel Omniel is an angel of cohesion. He brings rebirth and unity. His name originally comes from Hebrew – אומניאל. He stands for the connection with all living beings.

The archangel Omniel has the task of holding together the main winds of the earth. He is considered one of the main angels and is also considered by some to be an archangel. Omniel brings all life and thus all living things into connection with each other. He makes all mortals feel that they have the ability to communicate with everyone. He helps humans, nature and the divine to enter into an exchange with each other. In addition, Omniel promotes their unity. The Archangel helps so that we feel one with all and all separateness is overcome.

Peaceful and fulfilling relationships are built with the help of his energy. Thereby unimagined transformation processes arise and opposites or polarities are overcome. Supposedly opposites come into contact with each other and find common ground. Transformation and a spiritual rebirth are made possible by the work of the archangel. The overcoming of boundaries or separations triggers a feeling of pacification, which is experienced as very enriching. The Archangel brings oneness with the Higher Self or Divinity. This occurs with a simultaneous balancing of the feminine with the masculine energies.

Themes of Archangel Omniel

The themes that this archangel represents are unity, cohesion and establishing the connection between all living. He also brings rebirth and transformation.

Energy of Archangel Omniel

Its energy is described as balancing and activating. It stimulates communication.

Symbols of Archangel Omniel

Archangel Omniel is represented by artists with some symbols or signs of communication. These are:

  • a quill
  • the chakra pillar

The quill represents an exchange among each other.
The chakra column symbolizes the harmonious flow of energy.

Color Assignment

Omniel is associated with the colors white and light blue.

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