Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the most famous and at the same time the most powerful archangel. His name originally comes from Hebrew – מיכאל. It translates as “Who is like God?”

Archangel Michael is the leader of the angelic host. Michael is a powerful fighter. He stands for law and justice. With him people find courage for their life path. He brings self-confidence and supports the search for truth. He strengthens intuition and provides assistance in difficult phases of life. Michael protects from all that could be a distraction from one’s path. His task is to help with the release of stressful situations as well as emotional entanglements. With Archangel Michael by your side, the power to separate and follow your own desires is given. He does not only protect people. Even the electrical appliances or living rooms are under his care.

He is the only archangel who is already mentioned in the Old Testament and later also in the New Testament. Moreover, only he has a place in almost all religions.

Themes of Archangel Michael

The themes for which this archangel stands are clarity, courage and truth. In the desire for sufficient willpower and the search for the right solution, stands by the side of people. He brings the purification and protection. In situations involving danger or the pursuit of justice, he is called. He brings the support and helps to change behaviors or entrenched structures.

Energy of Archangel Michael

Its energy is powerful and clarifying. It is perceived as protective and strengthening. Michael is the patron saint of all sick and weak. With his energy he would like to stand by the side of those seeking help in particular.

Symbols of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael has been depicted by many artists in the past centuries with quite different symbols. Among them are

  • the sword
  • the staff
  • the scales
  • the globe

The sword symbolizes his courageous fight with the powers of darkness.
The staff symbolizes the wisdom, which distinguishes the highest of all archangels.
The scales illustrate that he stands for the pursuit of justice.
The globe indicates his great global influence: from the day of creation to the end of all time, when the Last Judgment dawns.

Color Assignment

The archangel Michael is assigned the color blue. Following some traditions he is also assigned to the color red.

Feast Day of Archangel Michael

In 493 AD, Pope Gelasius I established the feast of St. Michael the Archangel on September 29 of each year. This is the consecration day of the Church of St. Michael on the Via Salaria, located in Rome. This feast is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church, some Protestant churches, and the Anglican Church.

The Eastern Church has dated the feast day of St. Michael to November 8. In Egypt, the feast is celebrated on November 12.

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