Archangel Perpetiel

Archangel Perpetiel stands for success and joy of life. He shows what still needs to be done to achieve triumph.

Archangel Perpetiel brings success, promotes a success and strengthens self-confidence. Through him, the fulfillment of desires and dreams is supported. He makes sure that people have more confidence in their ideas and do not give up hope for achieving their goals.

Self-esteem grows and as a result, well-being and joy of life increase. A lightness returns and joy envelops the energy body. The archangel is responsible for recognizing one’s personal uniqueness and living it out.

With his power perfection is achieved. The way is paved to become aware of one’s own life tasks and to fulfill them with enthusiasm. It not only promotes enthusiasm, for it is essential in the acceptance of life’s tasks.

By building a healthy self-confidence, dealing with as well as in groups is improved. The exchange with other people is important to develop and mature. The power of the archangel helps to get more in contact with like-minded people. He encourages together with them to fulfill the tasks that have not yet been tackled.

Perpetiel is the archangel who initiates a lasting success on the energetic level. It is not so much about achieving an intermediate step, but rather a continuous achievement of an improved quality of life.

Themes of Archangel Perpetiel

The themes of the Archangel are success, victory and an increase in self-esteem. In addition, his themes include joy of life, hope and enthusiasm.

Energy of Archangel Perpetiel

The energy is described as lively, friendly and awakening. It is activating and gives a feeling of liveliness.

Symbols of Archangel Perpetiel

Perpetiel is not represented with any symbols. Rather, he has a body language that expresses the success and joy of life.

Color Assignment

The archangel is associated with peachy tones.

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