Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel is also known as Archangel Reuel. His name comes from Hebrew – רעואל. In translation, sen name means “friend of God”.

Archangel Raguel, as the angel of justice, is responsible for harmony and friendship. He brings us to find peace and tranquility in conflictual periods of life. In all situations where there have been disputes with other contemporaries, he brings about harmony. With him we manage to forgive and attract into our lives the people who truly support us.

The Archangel acts as our best friend and confidant. On interpersonal relationships of any kind he acts and establishes a balance. In partnerships, friendships, in family disputes or between neighbors and colleagues, he mediates. He also supports the disadvantaged people.

We learn with this archangel to find our own inner center and balance. As a result, we are able to react to the people around us in a more relaxed and balanced way.

Themes of Archangel Raguel

The themes of the Archangel include the creation of harmony and balance in relationships. In conflict situations, he acts as a mediator of disputes and mediates between the parties or disadvantaged persons.

Energy of Archangel Raguel

The energy of the angel has a relaxing effect. It is delicate and soft. Gentleness comes over us when we get in contact with him.

Symbols of Archangel Raguel

The Archangel is often represented with symbols that have a harmonizing meaning. Among them are:

  • a book
  • a scale

The book indicates that the wisdom of the learned leads to a better understanding of each other.
The scale is to present the balance that this angel establishes.

Color Assignment

The color silver is assigned to the archangel Raguel. In addition, in some representations he can also be seen in pale blue tones or in pastel rainbow colors.

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