Ascendant Aries

The Ascendant Aries has a strong personality and a sporty appearance. He leads the line of zodiac signs and is a fighter in real life as well. His strength is to overcome obstacles. Due to his energetic appearance, he encounters resistance from those around him. By overcoming his hurdles, he also expects others to do the same.

People with the Ascendant Aries will have to learn that everyone acts at his or her own pace and that collaborative success can only succeed if the needs of everyone involved are adequately addressed. Consideration for the developmental processes of his people makes him restless and also unfair. He tends to overburden others and to act on them without necessary understanding. He drives everyone in his environment to peak performance. However, the different demands for regeneration remain unconsidered.

The Ascendant Aries demands only what he would give himself. Nevertheless, he forgets that not all people can fall back on the same capacities and possibilities.

Personality of Ascendant Aries

The Aries Ascendant is full of drive and energy. His will and strength are immense. He is a leader. He would like to put ideas and plans into action immediately. Once he has a thought, he can hardly be stopped. He goes to work full of liveliness and enthusiasm. Patience is his weakness and therefore also his point of attack. He dislikes people who do not immediately go into battle for their inner convictions. He punishes them with disregard, which he expresses clearly. Open and honest, but also helpful, he shows himself in everyday life. He strives for success and implementation of the planned projects.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Aries

  • athletic, sporty
  • slim
  • youthful appearance
  • restless, can not rest
  • loud; choleric
  • gets up and down quickly

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