Ascendant Taurus

The ascendant Taurus stands for the stable values. In the rest lies the strength. Sometimes he needs a push to get him moving. If this is accomplished, he moves with much perseverance and strength. Stress and hectic do not suit him. These contribute to the fact that his mood quickly deteriorates or he verbally attacks other people. The Ascendant Taurus needs to move forward step by step at a manageable pace. He has a tendency to get stuck in the rut of life and not notice the active life outside his front door.

Separation or change is difficult for him. Therefore, he often has difficulties with accepting the course of life. Withdrawal and loneliness are possible consequences, from which he comes out with difficulty. The Ascendant Taurus sits out many situations and thus also misses times when activity would be necessary.

If something has proven itself, he holds on to it without checking whether it still makes sense. Proven things are used without considering innovation or developments. Nevertheless, the Ascendant Taurus has a very good sense of humor and thus convinces even critics. He rejects superficiality. He is an epicure and a connoisseur of good cuisine. Over it he can convince guests with his ability and maintain social contacts.

Personality of Ascendant Taurus

The Taurus Ascendant is cozy and sometimes comfortable. As an earth sign, he reacts prudently and with a practical mind. He knows how to enjoy life. His demeanor is endearing. He has a sense for the material things in the world and likes beautiful surroundings. His home and clothes are stylish. At times he is naive and trusts people who do not deliver what they promise. Sudden changes or spontaneous decisions are not necessarily his strength. He likes predictable living conditions and security. He does not want to be upset by anything.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Taurus

  • powerfully built
  • sturdy
  • melodic and pleasant voice
  • short stocky neck (bull neck)
  • corpulent
  • likes to eat
  • fondness for jewelry and beautiful clothes

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