Ascendant Cancer

The Ascendant Cancer brings the emotions into social contacts. It is incumbent upon him to evaluate the world with feelings and understanding. The family with all its needs are important to him. Everyone he likes he meets with sincerity and cordiality.

Friendly and loving is his behavior. Self-sacrificing and always with an open ear for the concerns of others he is there. In return, it is not easy for him to ask for help for himself. Reflexively, however, he helps everyone who crosses his path.

Romance and showing your feelings are important to the Ascendant Cancer. Coolness or severity frighten him. Bad or dismissive words get deep under his skin and hurt him. He is usually overwhelmed by situations in which his convictions are not respected. He feels personally attacked and does not manage to keep the necessary inner distance or to show the limits.

As much as he defends others, he finds it difficult to stand up for himself and the fulfillment of his needs. This often makes him a kind of target for dominant personalities. These quickly notice that the Ascendant Cancer lacks resistance.

Personality of Ascendant Cancer

The Cancer Ascendant means security. Empathic and sensitive he goes through life. For all around him he has compassion, because he manages to see the world through their eyes. He has a very great sensitivity. As soon as his feelings are hurt, he retreats to protect himself. His heart swells when he can care for others. For them he would give the shirt off his back. In caring for others, he rarely thinks about meeting his own needs.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Cancer

  • slim in youth
  • in the second half of life mostly
  • corpulent
  • shy
  • pretty
  • beautiful shining eyes
  • Appearance: humorous, compassionate, sociable, oversensitive

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