Ascendant Leo

The Ascendant Leo loves a true royal appearance. He strives for recognition and fame. His self-promotion attracts the attention of all around him. The closeness of an audience is important to him. Smug and full of grace, he seeks affirmation from other people.

His tendency to theatricality does not always win the Ascendant Leo sympathy points. His critics call him arrogant, condescending as well as intolerant in these situations. Those who do not appreciate his kindness of heart will not be heeded. There he shows consistency and clearly expresses his displeasure.

He avoids conflict situations and usually shows himself charming, polite and with good manners. This demeanor hides his true feelings and puts him in a position where he seems secure. Necessary critical words are often avoided by him and can have a hurtful effect on those around him when the truth comes to light. In these moments, partners and friends feel let down by him.

His positive charisma conjures a smile in the world. Full of joie de vivre, he presents himself anew every day and is too happy to transfer this mood to others. At times he is a good actor. Nevertheless, he is always looking for respect. It is important to him to be something special. He wants to stand out and be seen.

Personality of Ascendant Leo

The Leo Ascendant has a self-confident and strong personality. He strides proudly through life. Generous and loving luxury, he likes to present what he has to offer. If he does not receive the attention he craves, he is offended. He is full of energy. He wants to share his enthusiasm with everyone. He conquers hearts with his humor. However, sometimes he is self-centered. He tends to be inappropriately dominant.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Leo

  • regal appearance
  • imposing appearance
  • lion’s mane
  • bushy eyebrows
  • Appearance: childlike, warm-hearted, self-confident, rarely gets divorced

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