Ascendant Gemini

The Ascendant Gemini stands for variety and innovation. He is go-getting in a positive way. He absorbs new knowledge and shares it with the world. It only becomes difficult when he does not check facts and does not question theses. He lets himself be driven by the gifts that life has in store for him. So he goes from door to door and is curious about what is behind the door.

The Ascendant Gemini rarely talks about his own feelings. Rather, he is able to distract rhetorically from himself and to direct the interest to much more exciting topics. Superficiality suits him and opens up many possibilities. With a catchword or an interesting statement, he is able to find a hearing. Even though they are phrases that will not be confirmed in the further course, he still managed to get attention and get a ball rolling.

He often fails to deliver what he promised only yesterday. Nevertheless, he is a welcome guest, as his entertaining manner is welcome on many occasions. His stories and experiences fascinate listeners. He brings lightness into serious situations and can thus cheer up even heavy minds. In a seemingly magical way he convinces and conveys. The Ascendant Gemini is always cheerful and wears a smile on his face.

Personality of Ascendant Gemini

Gemini Ascendant is a person with a very clever personality. He is the master of communication. He is said to have a salesman’s talent. The exchange with other people is very important to him. He asks the opinion of others without ceasing. He has a lot of ideas. He is very creative and gets inspired every day. He is cheerful and carefree in his approach to life. However, he also tends to be dishonest. Intelligent, sensitive and a born speaker, he convinces everyone.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Gemini

  • slim
  • nervous; fidgety
  • delicate physique
  • communicates with full body effort
  • clever
  • intellectual

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