Ascendant Pisces

The Ascendant Pisces is a good-natured being. The world appears to him in rose-colored glasses. He does not trust bad things to anyone, because he himself could not be like that. Because of this, he is said to be naive in dealing with other people, who can quickly take advantage of him. He often trusts the wrong people and realizes it too late. Even his friends do not always mean well with him. He encounters deception and disappointment several times in his life.

The tendency to addiction is also attributed to the Ascendant Pisces. He is very flexible and acts very intuitively. In dreams and visions many future events can be read for him. Therefore, he does not experience surprise in many challenging moments.

No money in the world could be more important to the Ascendant Pisces than a good attitude towards life. He likes to live too much into the day and let himself drift. Everyday obligations are perceived by him as a burden or a burden.  Even if he is not a fighter and comfortable, he is a hearty companion.

It is up to him to experience and understand the world in new dimensions. With him it is possible to dream and new ideas can take shape. Visions and innovative ideas spring from his mind. Others implement them, but he can discover and describe them like no one else.

Personality of the Ascendant Pisces

The Pisces Ascendant has a very tolerant personality. His strengths lie in the spiritual and intuitive area. He feels the world around him. He sometimes meets challenges with withdrawal. He is not made for a rough world. He could not harm anyone. Very sensitive, sometimes dreamy, he goes through life. His feelings can be hurt quickly. He lacks assertiveness. Instead, he can empathize with others very well and thus understand them.

Physical Shape of the Ascendant Pisces

  • beautiful eyes
  • dreamy look
  • soft face
  • soft figure
  • Appearance: intuitive, helpful, enigmatic, can not tolerate strong drugs, dreamy, prone to addiction

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