Ascendant Aquarius

The Ascendant Aquarius loves independence. With him it is always varied and interesting. He is a good friend and companion. In groups or in teamwork he flourishes. The Ascendant Aquarius seeks exchange and contact with other people in his environment like no other.

Everyone should live as he pleases. According to this motto he aligns himself and transports tolerance into life. He rejects pragmatism or rigidity, because he experiences them as a burden and a hindrance. He likes social life with all its advantages. A pastime in his presence becomes entertaining. He is someone with whom you can talk about everything.

Reliability or commitment are his weaknesses. With this, he makes trouble and sometimes causes displeasure with disciplined people. These contemporaries cannot do anything with the laissez-faire attitude of Aquarius and find it obstructive. With all the ideas that come to him, he forgets about time and expects others to show understanding.

There is always something original at his side. The day is not boring. At times he thwarts his own plans because he has new impulses to which he wants to give short-term attention. The implementation of plans is not always easy for him.

Personality of Ascendant Aquarius

The Aquarius Ascendant is a freedom-loving individualist. The company of other people is important to him. He is witty and witty, but not necessarily humorous. Noncommittal and spontaneous he walks through life. Sudden decisions pave his way. He is very tolerant, not least because he claims this tolerance for himself. Intuitively he lets himself drift. For him, self-determination is elementary. He breaks out of rigid structures or guidelines.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Aquarius

  • graceful
  • finely structured
  • slender
  • long stature
  • weight problems
  • Appearance: humane, freedom-loving, loves and needs variety, original, volatile, extroverted, sociable, curious

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