Ascendant Virgo

The Ascendant Virgo has clear concepts. Governess manners are particularly helpful. Everything that has been tried and tested provides support and security. Spontaneous decisions always want to be well thought out and only take place after the work is done, so as not to cause any disturbances.

With diligence and perseverance much can be achieved in life. The Ascendant Virgo has a good grasp and the desire to expand their own knowledge. For this, time and perseverance invested so that no details are overlooked. Dangerous situations or adventures are avoided, because there are too many factors of uncertainty. Well thought out and calculated, people with the Ascendant Virgo reach their goals and experience situations that cannot be planned as unpleasant as well as stressful.

There are no rash actions. Trial and error is used only for the purpose of improvement and not to feel pleasure or simply to make nonsense. This leads to a lack of spontaneity and can stress the environment.

Criticism is a constant companion. The mistakes of others are analyzed and closely observed. Control over the developments of life have a high value. Everything that can prove useful is loved by the Ascendant Virgo. This shows the special skill to quickly recognize what develops as beneficial.

Personality of Ascendant Virgo

The Virgo Ascendant sees life rationally. Pragmatically, it masters all hurdles. Nothing happens unexpectedly or unintentionally. Health is an important issue. Likewise, order and structure give her important support and orientation. Diligently she sets to work. Endowed with a practical aptitude, she works carefully. She has a sense of logic and system. Precision applies to everything she does. Thoroughness is her strength. She has both feet firmly on the ground.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Virgo

  • slim, narrow figure
  • large open eyes
  • businesslike and sober on the
  • outside; nervous and melancholic on the inside
  • Appearance: governess manners, sentimental, chaotic

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