Ascendant Libra

The Ascendant Libra brings balance into the world. Between two extremes there is always a middle way. This is what the Ascendant Libra seeks and finds. He strives for reconciliation and harmony. He avoids conflicts or final decisions. As soon as give and take are in harmony, he is happy.

With a radiance he then meets life and finds his inner peace. Situations of opposites or with conflict potential cause stress and distress him. He is then unable to go about his day’s work, since the disparities must first be resolved. Otherwise he reacts gruffly and runs his mouth over others. To establish his own inner balance, he expects an amount from everyone. All involved persons are to make cutbacks, so that a new equilibrium can develop.

Radical solutions or separations are rejected by the Ascendant Libra. He finds it difficult to accept finality and chooses this path only when there is no other possible solution. With this resistance he often falls on deaf ears and incomprehension in his environment. His strong ability to adapt, however, never ceases to amaze others. For the sake of peace, he will do almost anything. He is peaceful in the depths of his being and can do no harm to anyone.

However, perseverance and consistency in performing daily tasks are not among his strong points. Social bonds, on the other hand, are his driving force. Everything beautiful and special appeals to him. For this he takes his time and admires these elements.

Personality of Ascendant Libra

The Libra Ascendant is a person who is a good mediator. With him harmony and balance are in the center. Always weighing he moves through life. The balance on all levels are elementary for him. Beauty, fashion, art and music flourish in his hands. He always solves conflicts with a compromise. He often lacks the power of decision. After all, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Being close to other people is his elixir of life. Being alone is a punishment for him.

Physical Shape of Ascendant Libra

  • good figure, attractive
  • Tendency to overweight
  • Ball head
  • small
  • graceful, graceful
  • pale skin
  • Appearance: in need of harmony, art lover, good taste

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