The dog is known for its unconditional love and loyalty. He provides valuable services to man on very different levels.

As soon as the dog appears in our lives, we feel safe and protected. He is man’s best friend, as he is always there for us. His constant vigilance during the day and at night gives us peace of mind.

The animal sacrifices himself for us and follows us in all challenges. Dogs are pack animals and have the ability to subordinate. Their ability to learn is pronounced. At the same time, they are able to stand at the forefront of leadership. They put themselves in danger trying to save a member of their herd. Dogs have a keen sense of intuition and perceive energies that remain hidden from us.

The dog appeals to the masculine side in us. In contrast, the female parts are embodied by the cat.

Power Animal Dog

The power animal dog accompanies us in all emotional ups and downs. In times of fear, grief or suffering, he faithfully stands by our side through. Love and loyalty are attributed to the animal like hardly any other. We receive warmth, security and safety through him. In all situations he meets his master with joy and seeks physical contact. As soon as the power animal appears, we know that we are not alone.

Positive Consideration

The four-legged friend is a teacher who teaches us and performs with enormous confidence. His instinct does not deceive. This companion shows us that we will find our way home. In doing so, he carries part of our load quite unnoticed, without ever complaining about it.

The dog is full of strength, which he always shares with us. Whatever threat will appear, the four-legged friend warns us of it in time and accompanies us sacrificially. In times of need, he would lay down his life for us.

The dog helps us to find enough food. Thus he ensures that we can develop sufficiently.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the dog lets us know that we are acting faithfully. We have a loyalty to command that is not always beneficial. At the same time, the fear of punishment is always present.

We don’t look behind the scenes enough or ask enough questions. Our loyalty leads to the fact that we do not separate ourselves sufficiently and carry energies of the others as a matter of course. As soon as the dog appears we have to check which fears or other obstructive emotions are hindering our way.

Dream Interpretation Dog

In our dreams, the dog points to our own consciousness. With him all our drives, needs and instincts are embodied. He can indicate stability, loyalty and security within an interpersonal connection. Additionally, he represents the sensuality that two people share. The person at our side is devoted to us. At the same time, we should examine the quality of partnerships and question the motivation of being together.

A leashed dog means suppressed urges and emotions. Existing sexual desire is not lived.
A barking dog warns us of danger.
A biting dog is a sign of malicious gossip and jealousy.
A chasing dog stands for superficial ties, such as affairs.
A playing dog symbolizes success and reconciliation. Existing fears are unfounded.

Positive Aspects

Cuddling, cuddling or frolicking with a dog is a good sign. We have reliable partners by our side. Unity with the animal means that we can share our urges and sexual desires with someone.

The dog signals that we are protected, need not be afraid and will overcome all hurdles together. The time of being alone is over. We don’t have to fight anymore, because we have someone in our life who will stand by us and help.

Negative Aspects

A bloodhound in a dream means that we will experience defeat in some matter. If the dog’s behavior is scary, we should be prepared to be disappointed by someone.

If a dog is trusting at first and then bites, we are being deceived. We misjudge a situation and should re-examine all the details before making a decision.

If a dog runs away, we have behaved badly. In a relationship, therefore, there is no longer any hope of reconciliation.