The cat is freedom-loving, cuddly and one of the most popular pets. Due to its abilities, it is also a very popular creature on the energetic level.

Cats trigger a less fearful association in direct comparison with dogs. Their popularity, perhaps for this reason, exceeds that of the vigilant four-legged friend.

The cats are said to have a thick skull. Often there is a feeling that man may be at the service of the cat. On the earthly level, there are more and more people who are allergic to the elegant animal. It is worth to question this development critically.

Energetically, the urge for freedom and at the same time its seventh sense is particularly informative for us.

The cat symbolizes our feminine side. The male parts are embodied by the dog.

Power Animal Cat

The power animal cat wants us to work more intensively with the principle of self-determination. Instinctively, we will move when we establish the connection with ourselves. If we trust in our own inner wisdom, we can move safely and with a feline elegance.

The quadrupeds are active during the day and at night. According to their mood, they decide whether to be lazy and relaxed masters of meditation or to frolic and have fun. Their message is therefore clear. We are to relax inwardly and trust completely in our own promptings. We will know when it is time to act. Until then, we can recharge our batteries in the sun and enjoy the moment.

Positive Consideration

A cat has a quick reaction time. It may seem completely disinterested one moment, and yet it can react abruptly the next. This potential is also in us. We should be aware of it.

The energy of the cat radiates familiarity. At the same time, we can be unpredictable to enemies. This is our strength when faced with challenges in everyday life.

With the cat as a power animal, we are gentle, gallant, have a seventh sense and show ourselves cuddly. We follow attributes such as loyalty and faithfulness. Clairvoyant and almost unnoticed we move. Our own four walls we clean incessantly, so that negative energies have no place.

Negative Consideration

The unpredictability of a cat is not pleasant for everyone. Arrogance, stubbornness and stubbornness other people perceive in us. This creates unrest and not everyone is well-disposed towards us.

As soon as a cat accompanies us, we should be prepared at least inwardly for unexpected turns. These are usually perceived as unpleasant or unfortunate.

In addition, the animal warns us of deviousness, deception and the loss of our own energy.

Dream Interpretation Cat

In the field of dream interpretation, the cat symbolizes independence, autonomy and instinctive action. Lust for life, sensitivity, sensuality and tenderness are also embodied by them. Even cats that do not live in freedom make it very clear that they never allow themselves to be completely confined. They keep their own stubbornness in all situations.

Positive Aspects

Petting the four-legged friend represents caring towards another person. A sensual or pleasant atmosphere promises beautiful hours with the beloved.

If a cat walks around gallantly and gracefully, we will successfully pass all challenges in the near future.

If a cat is chased away in a dream, enemies or enviers can be driven away.

Negative Aspects

The shadow side of cats indicates sorrow in love affairs. In particular, sick, emaciated or poorly cared for cats symbolize this development. A single cat is also considered an affair. Therefore, a firm bond is not to be expected.

People from the close environment can turn out to be deceitful. If the animals meow in the dream, gossip will occur.

In the case of a wild cat, conflicts and disputes threaten. If it shows deceitful behavior, the dreamer should protect himself from false friends.