The duck is a living creature, which points on the energetic level to the necessary balance of different areas. In addition, it wants to invite us to continue to pursue our own path despite experienced losses.

The duck is a living creature that can be found on land, in water and in the air. It lives a balance between the elements described. This is exactly what it also wants to express on the energetic level. One’s own life should come into balance. This requires confidence and courage to remain true to oneself despite defeats or failures.

For its offspring, the duck builds a safe and warming nest. It wants to give the family a feeling of security and, together with its partner, carefully takes care of the offspring. The quacking platypus gives warmth and defends its loved ones in case of imminent danger, if necessary with its own life.

Power Animal Duck

The power animal duck promotes love and affection for oneself as well as for others. Its warm plumage protects from the cold at night. In the water it also provides necessary protection. The animal symbolizes the balance of inner forces. The sense of intuition of ducks is a model for humans. Illusion, desire and fact are distinguished with the help of this power animal.

As soon as danger appears, the duck sounds the alarm. Their perception resembles that of a motion detector. Even the smallest disturbances and irregularities do not remain hidden. With its loud quacking it protects its own family and additionally draws the attention of the environment to its personal situation.

Positive Consideration

The plumage of a duck lets water roll off without a trace. The animal wants us to know that we should not let injuries to others penetrate our innermost being. Whether our emotions have been attacked consciously or unconsciously, the duck warms and protects us. It brings compassion, shows understanding and is a loving companion.

We can have confidence in the power animal. Future dangers are warded off by this energetic companion. The duck is inconspicuous and at the same time in a permanent state of alert.

Negative Consideration

The chattering of a duck is stressful for the environment and causes conflicts. The general irritability increases with the high noise level. Often the animal sounds the alarm without there being any real danger.

Likewise, the animal is symbolic of gossip and talk. One’s own words should therefore be qualitatively checked. Moreover, the statements of others can be hurtful. Truth and falsehood can sometimes be difficult to separate in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is important to keep a cool head and focus on objectivity.

Dream Interpretation Duck

If the bird appears in a dream, it wants to express more about the relationship with another person. The relationship of two people should be considered more closely.

A swimming duck symbolizes the flow of life, which can be trusted.
If a duck lays an egg, ideas can be turned into action.
Eating a duck, announces festivities.

Positive Aspects

The duck expresses the security and caring between the partner or a close person. One’s family holds together. Children are protected so that they can safely cope with the adversities of life.

The duck teaches the offspring which signals to watch out for in order to avoid danger. Despite experienced emotional injuries, she wants to give courage to follow the path of the heart.

Negative Aspects

No attention should be paid to other people’s talk. It is hurtful and weakens your own energy field. In addition, the dreamer may have hurt a dear person from his close environment with his words.

Those who have talked too much in the past days will not be taken seriously in the coming time. Current developments should be viewed less emotionally.