The bird is the symbol of freedom and development. It is part of the nature of birds that they can move freely. They bring on the energetic level the soul aspects and the light.

Birds are native to all continents of our planet. They have control over the air, are colorful and exist in countless species. Adapted to different habitats and ways of life, they have evolved. Some of them live exclusively on the ground and others prefer the water. What they have in common is their plumage. This can be plain or showy. They have claws or webbed feet between their toes depending on their habitat. The claws can be used as hands. Birds have numerous predators. They themselves feed mainly on plants, insects or small mammals. However, there are also scavengers or birds of prey that hunt larger animals such as mice, rabbits or wild animals.

Power Animal Bird

The power animal bird brings the chance to look at developments from a different perspective. Those who manage to free themselves from entanglements and look at processes with an inner distance will be able to allow new evaluations. The power animal brings light into the darkness and lost soul parts back. The lutes, sounds and tones of the birds bring joy of life and well-being. It is time to wake up, to look up and to allow insights.

Positive Consideration

The bird wants to convey a boost of self-confidence and ease of life. The connections are bigger and reach further than assumed. The willingness to leave one’s place and integrate other views into an existing system will lead to an improvement of the current situation. The cycle of life sometimes has bigger plans than it may seem in everyday life. If parts of the soul have been lost, they are now returning.

Negative Consideration

The bird is easily hurt and may quickly lose touch with reality. Arrogance and superficiality are possible. Freedom prevents an arrival, if restlessness and volatility are lived. Where there is light, there is also shadow. This is often overlooked.

Dream Interpretation Bird

In dream interpretation, the bird is the bearer of messages and news. Help is approaching when the bird appears in a dream. Lightness returns and the dreamer should be more carefree about his life.

Positive Aspects

The bird brings the joy of life and indicates that a positive development is coming. Dreams, visions and perceptions increase. Ideas should be realized, as they are promising.

Negative Aspects

A caged bird is a sign that existing potential is not being used. Ideas or creativity are lost. In addition, the dreamer is in confining circumstances. It is to be examined whether he himself is constricted or he robs others of their individuality.