The dragonfly reminds us of the need for freedom and is a sign of the readiness for development within us. The change and transformation are also expressed by the insect.

Dragonflies are found in all regions where there are waters, marshes or swamps. They like the flowing and stagnant waters. The wing apparatus of the insects is striking and special. The colorful predators catch their prey in flight. The menu of the fast flying animals includes other insects as well as representatives of their own species. At the same time, the canibals are food for numerous other creatures. Birds, frogs and bats enjoy them, as do ants, wasps and spiders.

The warmth of the sun attracts the flying animals. They need the sun’s rays to warm up their muscles and make movement possible. In regions that are too cold, dragonflies therefore have no chance of survival. It is then not possible for them to move sufficiently.

Power Animal Dragonfly

The power animal dragonfly moves agilely across the meadows and among the flowers. It brings a spring-like lightness and colorfulness. The dragonfly is an animal that brings to life the potentials of development. It should be learned to control the emotions, so as not to fall into emotional traps. Intuitive actions bring success and promote the upcoming processes.

Positive Consideration

Those who can completely surrender to the transformation will rise above themselves. At the same time, demarcation and protection from energy predators are preserved, as the dragonfly leads territorial battles and asserts itself in them. Injuries and emotional suffering can be overcome with this power animal.

Negative Consideration

The dragonfly is vulnerable and unapproachable. With it, unreliability and distance will take hold. The twilight hunter is not always adaptable or flexible, despite his ability to develop. The power animal dragonfly stands for the material or the spiritual level. This brings disadvantages in the current situation in life.

Dream Interpretation Dragonfly

In dream interpretation, the dragonfly is a sign of freedom and individual development. If no attention is paid to this need, disturbances in everyday life are to be expected. The insect warns against deceptions. These can come from the dreamer himself or from people in his close environment.

Positive Aspects

With the dragonfly the dreamer will experience a renewal of his world view. An unfulfilled urge for freedom can no longer be suppressed and will be lived from now on. This leads to a new pleasant attitude towards life.

Negative Aspects

The existing life dreams and desires could not or should not be lived so far. This leads to dissatisfaction and discontent. The own steps are logical and plausible. However, this is an obstacle to achieving the goal. The feelings ride a roller coaster until a solution is found.