The Gorilla reminds us of our own potential and exhorts us to examine our social behavior. At the same time he is a sign of fear and strength at the same time.

Gorillas belong to the family of great apes. The animals are the largest primates on our planet and live in the central part of Africa. The endangered herbivore has a strong physique and grows up to 200 kg. Gorillas live in groups led by a male. This male is the only one who reproduces within this group. The groups among themselves avoid encounters so that there are no fights.

The apes move around in trees and on the ground. The movements on the ground are similar to those of chimpanzees. Gorillas defend their territory and their group with full physical effort. As soon as a group becomes too large, the females as well as the males leave it to form a new group. The great apes are able to use tools to acquire food.

Power Animal Gorilla

The power animal gorilla exhorts to the examination of the social behavior. It represents a reflection of one’s own appearance and therefore brings a confrontation with the current behavioral structures or decisions. In addition, the power animal reminds of the personal potential and wants to be encouraging to the side. In its proximity, protection is guaranteed, so there should be no reason for concern.

Positive Consideration

Gorilla brings to life the inner strength, fighting spirit and assertiveness. He helps to better understand the behavior and resolutions of others. Thus, a reconciliation becomes possible or a previously missing balance can be established. The power animal gorilla also illustrates that the protection and support of close people is safe.

Negative Consideration

This imposing power animal embodies, despite the powerful appearance, an existing fear, trauma or hidden aggressiveness. The own living space and the possibilities of the development seem to be not sufficient. Supposed competitors are perceived as an immense threat to be fought with all means. However, it would be better to learn from them, as this makes one’s own further development possible.

Dream Interpretation Gorilla

In dream interpretation, the gorilla gives an indication of the inner strength and the existing assertiveness. The intelligent animal reminds us that a decision should be well thought out and impulsive behavior will only cover up one’s own insecurity.

Positive Aspects

The social environment will support the dreamer in every way. One’s own actions will be accompanied by a process of rethinking, as with this the goal will move much closer. Assertiveness increases and in love the dreamer will be able to assert himself or stand up to an adversary.

Negative Aspects

The basically very protective animal shows a full fighting effort when a threat approaches. This promotes an existing anger and triggers an aggressive demeanor. In dealing with others, this is often not purposeful.