The goose is a very loyal and affectionate creature. It symbolizes purity, is hardworking and reliable.

The goose is a very popular animal in rural areas. It is available as food as well as a guard animal. As soon as someone approaches, the fowl sounds the alarm. Through its loud chattering, the biped achieves a lot of attention. It warns thereby the living beings of the closer environment of a danger situation.

The bird‘s plumage, like that of a duck, keeps people warm. Survival on cold or frosty windy days is thus simplified. The animal embodies loyalty and reliability. Likewise, it is full of strength and a symbol of good luck. The duck bird is considered to be extremely practical.

Power Animal Goose

The power animal goose stands for protection, justice and an intensive exchange. It makes a valuable contribution to the community and puts itself at its service. As soon as it appears, it should be examined more closely whether the family and oneself are also really well.

Communication is promoted by the power animal. Connections are to be perceived better and the loyalty to one’s own ideals is the focus.

Positive Consideration

The power animal is characterized by a strong endurance. In addition, it brings stability to one’s life. A goose checks the well-being of all and makes sure that the daily tasks can be fulfilled well. The demands that apply to others should also be present in the person himself. This promotes balance and the overall quality of life.

Negative Consideration

A goose can be very selfish. Believing in self-sacrifice, it makes decisions without having sought the opinion of others. It assumes many things and forgets to really listen to others. This often results in being overwhelmed and therefore overbearing.

The quality of communication can devolve into gossip. The danger is quite great to overhear important things and to perceive one’s own values and ideas too strongly.

Dream Interpretation Goose

If the goose appears to a dream, the dreamer can count on help and support from the spiritual world. One’s own strength will be enough to be able to make all important decisions. Being alone has an end, because through this animal a communal development is embodied.

An excited or startled goose announces news.

Positive Aspects

Seeing the duck bird, plucking it or eating it means success. Likewise, the dreamer can rely on having people around him to whom he can communicate and open up.

Moreover, in love matters, a successful turn is announced.

Negative Aspects

The negative view of a goose appearing in a dream indicates superficiality. One’s own behavior should not be too credulous. Received information should be carefully examined and questioned.

A cackling goose is an indication of unpleasant gossip and deviousness.
A flying goose is a symbol of loss of reputation and success.
Herding a goose indicates delays and unpleasant obligations.