The monkey is very much connected to us through the similarity of his behavior. It resembles humans the most and thus holds a mirror up to us. The genetic material of an orangutan matches that of humans by 97% and that of a chimpanzee by 98.5%.

A monkey represents zest for life, original ways of acting and joy. He brings fun into our lives and enriches them. In any zoo or animal park, in front of the monkey enclosure is the biggest hustle and bustle. The mobility of the mammals makes its observers envious. Permanently there is something to discover. Even lazing monkeys make us smile. These animals embody something that we ourselves are looking for in ourselves or would like to have. Emotionally, mammals are very close to us.

These highly intelligent creatures show a distinct social competence and need to protect yourself from leopards. Likewise, they can literally mimic us like no other animal. They are very capable of learning, have intense sexual behavior and enjoy being. As pack animals, they are there for each other and look out for each other.

In the wild, they are often found in warm regions. They live in mountain or rain forests and, with a population of nearly 7 billion, are found on every continent except Antarctica. They feed on fruits, leaves or insects.

All animals belonging to the order of primates are interpreted in the same way on the energetic level. So also lemurs, kattas or makis belong to the power animal monkey.

Power Animal Monkey

The power animal monkey brings momentum into our lives. Its agility and creative way of moving should make us sit up and take notice. Monkeys rely on their abilities, are restless and yet have the competence to conserve their strength in time. They do not spend themselves, as they are good at managing their energy. The animals like to rock or cuddle with each other.

In their own development there is no standstill. They are constantly learning and give the impression that they are enjoying it. The monkey shows us how it is possible to develop one’s individuality in the midst of a solid community. He brings a positive attitude to life, humor and variety to any dreariness.

Positive Consideration

The monkey brings us with ease to new steps of development. With him it comes to progress and an individual development. With skill and a deft movement we reach desired goals. Humor enters life and lets wings grow.

Those who manage not to cling to old realities will move forward holistically and be amazed at themselves. The monkey is a teacher and at the same time he can lead. His guidelines can be trusted, because he always prudently pays attention to the well-being of all.

Negative Consideration

The monkey can bring restlessness because of its agility. He is often unfocused and appears with too much of a laissez-faire attitude. It is not always appropriate to hold someone’s reflection up to them. It can cause shame and discomfort. It also comes across as know-it-all and brings conflict.

Monkeys are also a symbol of deception and falsehood. They lead their counterparts around by the nose, love pranks and mischief. They are often not to be taken seriously and are classified accordingly by their environment.

Dream Interpretation Monkey

When a monkey appears in a dream, action comes into one’s life. Unforeseen developments are in store. Suddenly and surprisingly, the pace of one’s life picks up. Humor and lightness determine the next time.

A dancing monkey brings cheerfulness.
A climbing monkey warns against careless decisions and foolishness.
A biting monkey points to wrong behavior and unhealthy decisions.

Positive Aspects

If the monkey in the dream conveys a pleasant basic feeling, he brings good news and news. Sexuality and physical closeness are activated by him.

If a monkey is struck dead in the dreaming state, enviers, adversaries and enemies are hunted down. Exposure through them comes to an end.

Negative Aspects

Teasing a monkey means that the dreamer has unintentionally hurt someone emotionally. Words or actions were careless and thus unpleasant or embarrassing for the other person. An apology should follow so that interactions can work well again.

The presentation of a monkey warns against entrusting one’s inner processes to the wrong people. The dreamer could feel betrayed in the further course if the information is passed on.