The horse can be seen as a symbol of movement, a new beginning or departure. With him comes movement into life.

Horses are classically seen as well as the donkey useful and load animals. It illustrates to us what forces are in us. For humans, it serves as a means of transportation, a source of food or a symbol of prestige. Horses have been used for a long time as helpful supporters in the accomplishment of work. In the sporting field they are also valued in the achievement of top performances.

The animal also embodies a special power on the energetic level. With it own development processes can be accelerated. The horse carries us and relieves us of burdens.

Power animal horse

The power animal lets us know that we are at all times able to find the way out of our own strength. Our natural need for movement, air and light is expressed by the horse. The basic meanings of the power animal are freedom, departure and enthusiasm.

Positive Consideration

Our lives literally get moving with the animal at our side. We can conquer mountains, cliffs and valleys. We can entrust ourselves to this soul guide, because his sense of intuition shows him the right way. We should approach new beginnings with optimism and confidence.

The horse is seen as a helper animal. It guides each of its steps intuitively and safely. Hardly any obstacle blocks its way. Hurdles are bypassed or jumped over. If the horse appears as a power animal, we are reminded that in our unconscious all information is available that will help us to overcome all hurdles.

Negative Consideration

The responsiveness of the horse is overwhelming and confusing for many people. Often it suddenly changes the chosen path quite surprisingly. Therefore, the power animal can indicate an inner volatility, volatility and too strong impulsiveness. Due to its behavior it is perceived as egoistic and sometimes arrogant by the environment.

If the power animal appears, it is to be examined, which effect the own behavior on humans in the closer environment has. Who appears domineering or arrogant, should strive for change. It is not helpful to always optimize only one’s own point of view and thus not be assessable for others.

Dream Interpretation Horse

In a dream, the horse lets us know that the time for departure has come. New things are coming into our lives. Therefore, we should start to move inwardly as well as outwardly. Being friendly and adventurous will help us in our next steps.

A white horse represents spiritual power.
A brown horse represents the practical energy. It shows the down-to-earthness.
A black horse symbolizes the passionate part in us.

A horse harnessed in front of a cart indicates that the dreamer is (too) intensively occupied with everyday burdens. There is a lack of freedom and enthusiasm in coping with everyday life.

Positive Aspects

We are able to carry more loads than we originally thought we could. Our own energy is fully charged and available to us.

If the horse has wings, we can successfully overcome all earthly obstacles.

Negative Aspects

As soon as a pale horse appears in the dream, death will play a role in the life of the person concerned. This is not always about physical death. Often an energetic death is symbolized.

If the horse in the dream is under stress or losing its life, its own power reserves are exhausted. The animal indicates a weakening of the dynamic forces that prevent it from moving forward. One’s own stressors must be relieved to enable forward progress.

If the horse appears to be a beast of burden, daily tasks should be redistributed so that sufficient energy is available again.