Master El Morya

The Ascended Master of the 1st Divine Ray is El Morya.

The Ascended Master of the 1st Ray is the Indian-born Prince El Morya. Born in Radjut, he represents the Ray of Divine Will and Power. El Morya guides those seeking advice to their self as well as primordial trust. With his energy he promotes human evolution and development. This is especially needed when building relationships of any kind. In connection with the spiritual developments he supports the personal and individual development. In cooperation with his energy it is possible to have the necessary clarity to know and feel for oneself what is good. New courage and confidence arise. In future relationships the willingness to accept help from others increases. With Master El Morya existing fears and insecurities are overcome. Furthermore, it supports the development and improvement of one’s own abilities.

Themes of 1st Divine Ray

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are trust, courage, divine knowledge, power, strength and protection. He promotes human development.

Energy of 1st Divine Ray

Its energy is described as straightforward, clear, disciplined and regal. Sublime and trustworthy, the energy is perceived.

Color Assignment

The color of the 1st divine ray is the activation as well as healing color blue.

History & Background

El Morya was born in Radjut, India. He was a prince and eastern initiate of the highest degree of the White Brotherhood. El Morya was first mentioned in letters written by the medium Helene P. Blavatsky. She received the information telepathically. His name is often abbreviated as Master M. He is said to have lived in various incarnations until his last life before ascension as a prince.

The year 1898 is named as the time of El Morya’s ascension.

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