Master Confucius

The Ascended Master of the 2nd Divine Ray is Confucius.

The master and ruler of the 2nd Ray of God is Confucius. Always with a smile on his face, he is known to most people. As a wise spirit he carries above all serenity in his inside. This is often needed in everyday life and just as often it is lost to many people in the face of challenges. The Chinese scholar supports self-development as well as humanity. Confucius helps to accept the things and developments of life as they are. In inner peace, with equanimity and in wisdom should be acted. The foresighted and all grasping knowledge he coins like hardly any other energetic companion. He shows that it can be helpful if what has happened is accepted. He conveys an existence free of judgments as well as values. Master Confucius was oriented towards norms and respect for other people. He is a proponent of ancestor worship. These are for him the central themes for a harmonious coexistence.

Themes of 2nd Divine Ray

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge.

Energy of 2nd Divine Ray

His energy is described as calm, accepting, free, serene and knowing.

Color Assignment

The color of the 2nd divine ray is golden yellow.

History & Background

Confucius was born as Kong Qiu – 孔丘. He lived in Qufu in the Chinese state of Lu from 551-478 BC. This is today’s Shandong province. He was born into an impoverished noble family. He became a philosopher, but was also an educator and teacher. After a period in government service, he opened his own school. Regardless of class, students were accepted there and taught by him. His central questions were always about human existence, human dignity, reason and morality. He himself went on educational journeys and wrote several books. The most famous book of Confucius is “The Book of Changes – 易經”. It is also known as the I Ching.

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