Master Lady Rowena

The Ascended Master of the 3rd divine ray is Lady Rowena.

Master Lady Rowena is the controller of the 3rd divine ray. This ray stands for togetherness, charity and compassion. Thus, the transported energy of the ray is particularly important for interpersonal encounters. True love and true freedom are the central themes Lady Rowena works with. They are the highest good of human beings and are often not perceived as such in everyday life. This creates the breeding ground for disrespect as well as interpersonal tensions. The energy of the ray strengthens the understanding of people among themselves. Through it, it becomes clearer which tracks lead to unconditional love. It teaches grace, freedom and trust. The unity and beauty of life is conveyed through her energy. The world leader presents the different facets of love. She lets feel how true freedom and true love feels in contrast to the imagined one.

Themes of 3rd Divine Ray

The themes this Ascended Master stands for are unconditional divine love, tolerance, humanity, freedom and creativity. It is about charity and empathy.

Energy of 3rd Divine Ray

His energy is described as soft, loving, sensitive, gentle and powerful.

Color Assignment

The color of the 3rd divine ray is pink.

History & Background

Lady Rowena is considered an incarnation of Aphrodite. This was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. In addition, she is considered the champion of freedom. In her earthly incarnations, Lady Rowena often experienced pain and injustice. Despite self-experienced loneliness and received punishments, she remained true to her energy. She had to suffer a lot and often met with incomprehension. Nevertheless, she knew how important it was to remain faithful to her path to true love. Only those who commit themselves to love in a pure way attain true self-worth.

The year 1879 is named as the time of Lady Rowena’s rise.

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