Master Serapsis Bey

The Ascended Master of the 4th Divine Ray is Serapsis Bey.

The guide of the ascension flame is Serapis Bey. His energy wants to let man feel and use his own power. As an incarnated angel, the master of the 4th ray transports more clarity about cause and effect. This process is especially important to mentally comprehend developments and to bring about necessary changes in one’s own way of life. During this process, the world leader sharpens one’s own consciousness and allows one to recognize whether the right path has been taken to achieve one’s goals. Self-awareness is an important process and provides the basis for future developments. Master Serapis Bey teaches the building of new life force and the development of the will to live. It purifies and clears the current energy fields. Forgiveness and forgiveness towards oneself and others are presented through him. These processes are essential to be able to evolve. With the Ascended Master the courage for necessary changes is found. The feeling of inner clarity is attained.

Themes of 4th Divine Day

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are purity, discipline and ascension.

Energy of 4th Divine Day

Its energy is described as cleansing, clarifying, powerful and enlightening.

Color Assignment

The color of the 4th divine ray is white.

History & Background

Master Serapsis Bey is described as an angel incarnate. He was born from the heart of God. The consciousness of this is called the “collective of angels”. In past times, people worked together with the angels. They devoted themselves to the service of the highest light. Therefore, it is believed that Serapsis Bey began his cooperation with man during this time. Following traditions from the spiritual world, Serapsis Bey spent many incarnations, for which at present there are no more records.

The time of Serapsis Bey’s ascension is named as 400 BC.

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