Master Sanat Kumara

The Ascended Master of the 12th Divine Ray is Sanat Kumara.

The ascended master of the 12th ray is Sanat Kumara. He helps to understand the meaning of life and reminds us that every life is worth living. In phases of disorientation we search for a meaningfulness of our own existence. Only if this is given, we have the inner drive to face the daily challenges. Otherwise, we wander aimlessly and do not know exactly where our place in life is. This can become a burden and worsens our own well-being. Through the energy of Sanat Kumara, abilities are realized and consciousness is expanded. Fulfillment returns. With the energetic companion at one’s side, it becomes easier to deal with difficult situations. They are understood as a necessity for one’s own growth. They bring a learning effect that strengthens and stabilizes. The potential that has not yet been lived can unfold and visions are lived. Inner and outer obstacles are overcome with the energy of the world leader. Afterwards, a feeling of rebirth returns. As a guardian of people and the earth, he shows an easy way to strengthen the connection between the higher self and earthly consciousness. This lightness brings joy of life and fun in contact with the light beings of the spiritual world.

Themes of 12th Divine Ray

The themes that this Ascended Master stands for are absolute transformation and spiritual rebirth.

Energy of 12th Divine Ray

Its energy is described as changing, light, renewing and powerful.

Color Assignment

The color of the 12th divine ray is opal.

History & Background

Sanat Kumara or Sanatkumara helps in spiritual development as well as all other world teachers. He is one of the sons of Brahma. He is considered the creator god and creator of the universe. His three other sons are Sanaka, Sanatana and Sananda.

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